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Alchemy. Co specializes  in luxury all natural coconut wax candles and non-alcohol oil diffusers. Our products are ecologically conscious, and safe to use in any home.

ALCHEMY was the ancient science of seeking the ideal. For metals the meant gold, for man longevity, for spirit, enlightenment. With a mix of knowledge talent and inspiration these ancient chemists made new alloys, distilled elixirs and manufactured pigments  creating something extraordinary from the ordinary.

Alchemy Co hopes to also make something extraordinary form the ordinary with our LIGHT A LIFE program.


This is a program dear to our heart , every member gets a card . With every 9 candles/ diffusers purchased , the 10th is free. This is our way of thanking you for your support.

a percentage of all purchases made go to CANARTCHANGETHEWOLRD.NET

at the End of the year you can track how much you donated to the program, along with all Light A Life members. 



 At Alchemy Co we believe in living well.  That means being socially and environmentally responsible with production , waste management, worker / craftsman wages, and supporting a healthy economy for all countries and workers.  Living well is about helping others also to live well. Alchemy. Co is about more than beautiful products. its about living beautifully and helping others do the same.

"We rise by lifting others" - Robert Ingersoll




I have always wanted to be able to give back , make a difference and bring awareness to the fragility of our beautiful planet.

Starting Alchemy gave me an avenue to serve beyond my local community and create beautiful products that we all can enjoy for deeper reasons than consumption and aesthetic. I am a lover of beauty , but much more than that, I’m a lover of humanity and our delicate and magical planet Earth. Please depose our our products with consciousness and recycle all glass and paper . Thank you for supporting Alchemy and the cofoundation CANARTCHANGETHEWORLD.NET !


Paraffin has been the cheap wax of choice for many years. It’s highlly unsustainable, and a product of the oil industry. SOY wax has recently moved into second place due to its “natural” credentials, its chreaper than coconut wax , but also a byproduct of the huge soybean industry led by agricultural giants such as Monsanto.

This is why we use  a more sustainable, ecologically conscious wax for our candles . All of our candles are made from all natural , coconut and apricot wax  

Coconut Wax :

— Coconuts are considered a sustainable crop (high yield and crop renewal per acre).

— Coconut oil is obtained via a natural process.

— Coconut wax burns slowly and cleanly, and throws scent extremely well.

— Coconut wax is more expensive but definitely worth it!


Joana Peixoto, Founder of Alchemy Co

Joana Peixoto, Founder of Alchemy Co